Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Building + Branding = Bucketfulls...of success.

We've all been there: mouth dry, palms sweaty, eyes darting around the room, feeling as if the room is getting smaller and smaller by the second, the interviewer boring holes into your head as they stare at you with pursed lips...licking your lips you try and answer the seemingly easy question: Who are you? Why choose you over other applicants? 

Whether this experience happened during an interview for President of the Glee Club in high school, a first round interview after graduating college, or attempting to land your first big client in a corporate job, we've all experienced the deafening silence that occurs once you realize you can't answer the question "who are you?". 

Don't think it's that hard of a question? Well, try this then: Quick!! List 5 things about yourself that make you YOU. 

Waiting...waiting..."Unique" doesn't count. Try again. (checks watch) Alright. Nice try. Moving on. 

In this economy you've got to have the "it" factor to make it in business, in a job interview, and basically, just in general. Once you've got it figured out it's pretty much smooth sailing. It's the figuring it out part that stumps most everyone. 

You've known yourself since Day 1, but for some reason you can't answer the simple question to move yourself forward. Here's how to un-stump yourself: Blueprint. (did you really expect me to say anything else?) 

Blueprint is all about answering the big WHO ARE YOU question. That's where we start with every single client. If figuring out how to answer that question is all you need-Great! Consider it done. We'll help you map out your past and current successes, identify common trends and concepts, and how to use those in future endeavors. Then we'll send you on your merry way. Should you need PR or design work to go along with your "brand" new view of yourself, you'll know who to call for that too. 

Once you've contacted us to make an appointment make sure you check out this article from the Wall Street Journal. They've got some good pointers about branding and using it to get ahead. 

Until next time, 

Sloane and Chelsea

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