Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Whopper of an Ad

All bloggers most likely know about famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. After all, he's the one that helped start the blogging phenomenon with his blunt comments, unsubtle remarks, and off the wall sayings (his latest favorite is "amazeballs"). He's one of a kind. So, being a blogger, we check his site every minute of every day--er, I mean every now and then.

Today we found his comments about this ad. Looks like the advertising and marketing team over at Burger King have taken the crown for the loud, sexual, over the top ad of the month. And hey, loud, sexual, and over the top works. Why is it fast food that always takes it up to the sexual notch? Fast food is definitely not sexy. Tasty, yes. Sexy, no.

Until next time,

Sloane and Chelsea

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When in tough times...

If you don't know about Daily Candy by now then you must be living under a very large rock. I wake up every morning and gleefully check my Inbox where I have emails from Daily Candy Dallas (where I live), Daily Candy Atlanta (where I'm from), Daily Candy New York (because I like to be in the know), Daily Candy Travel Deals on Tuesdays, and last, but definitely not least, Daily Candy Weekend Guide on Thursdays. It's a fabulous way to stay informed about amazing deals, delicious treats and eats, and trendy hot spots around town. If you aren't signed up I suggest you do so now.

Sometimes, because I love Daily Candy so much, I peruse the website to make sure I haven't missed anything. Sure enough, I happened to miss the opening of a cute boutique store called I'm that Grrrl in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. The catch? Nothing is over $100. Now that's what I call safe shopping.

In these depressing economic times it's important for any business, in any industry, to let their customers know they're taking extra steps to help them through the tough times. I'm That Grrl will appeal to Dallas shoppers because a.) It's in a trendy new spot, b.) It's swanky and chic, and c.) It's AFFORDABLE. Whether I'm That Grrl will keep prices under $100 forever doesn't matter, it's the fact that they're doing it NOW.

Another example? Across the pond, Mr. Jimmy Choo is lending his stylistic expertise to the fashionable and affordable H&M clothing store. H&M has teamed up with other well known designers before such as Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld. It just gives me warm fuzzies all over to know that I can shop Jimmy Choo at an affordable, reasonable price. Who knows if H&M will continue to pair up on collections in the future (I hope they do!), but again, it's the fact that they're doing it NOW, with an expensive, famous, couture designer, that makes H&M customers know they're shopping at the right place.

Lesson learned? Adjust for your target customers. They'll appreciate the effort and stay loyal.

Until next time,

Sloane and Chelsea

Friday, June 19, 2009

New light on Old media

I thought this was a billboard worth mentioning. Designed by Colenso BBDO for TV3, they incorporate and existing light into the design. An excellent use of a somewhat obtrusive lighting source.

Until next time,

Sloane and Chelsea

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello Sharpie, Thanks for joining us

Sharpie recently launched a new multichannel, multimedia campaign to showcase the iconic marker used for self-expression... How novel. They demonstrate a trend as old as graffiti, and seem to have hopped on the recession advertising train as well. 
"The new Sharpie campaign challenges people to re-imagine, re-invent and re-create the mundane, everyday items in their lives as a way to express their creativity and embrace value in these tougher times." 

- Sally Grimes, global vice president of marketing for Sharpie
 As unoriginal as the campaign may be, hopefully it will instill in teens that clothing doesn't have to be expensive to be "cool". I give it a 7. 

Check out Sharpie's new website, the cornerstone of the campaign, to see artistic creations submitted by the Sharpie community.

Until next time,

Sloane and Chelsea

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kleenex... mmm... tasty

There are so many opportunities for eye catching product packaging, it's always nice to see something unconventional. Check out this seasonal package redesign by Kleenex. Kind of makes me want to sit poolside and blow my nose.

Following in the footsteps of personalized M&Ms, Kleenex now offers "design your own" tissue box. That's one place I never though to add my vacation photos. Sorry Martha, no more crouched tissue box covers! Hmm... now there's a promo, the Blueprint logo on a tissue box during cold season... maybe not.

Until next time,

Sloane and Chelsea

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bing! A new search engine emerges

Google might have some competition coming its way in the form of Microsoft's Bing, a search engine that is developed to give answers instead of just relevant information. 

Intrigued, I decided to take a look. I immediately went to Google to find information on Bing, and chuckled when I realized the irony of the situation. I wonder if people will ever get accustomed to going elsewhere to find information rather than Google at first thought? Perhaps that is an ignorant comment seeing as our technology world advances at an incredible speed and new ideas and concepts sprout up every second, Google could be overtaken in a minute if a bigger and better competitor came along...right? I guess we'll find out. 

In the meantime, it's worth your while to check out Bing. The homepage itself is pretty impressive (if you're impressed by cool images and web page design, that is). I sat for a moment thinking of some amazing term to test search Bing's claim at finding "answers" rather than just relevant information, and I, of course, could think of nothing better than "Sloane Cannon" (feel free to detect the sarcasm).

I popped up in several results, some blog posts from my personal blog, some from this blog, and a few results from previous accomplishments--even dating all the way back to my high school years. However, Google results were no different. So far, I haven't been able to think of something I really need "answers" for rather than relevant results...but I'm still thinking. 

I've decided to keep Bing as part of a permanent tab to give it a few more tries, see how its popularity fairs since its just recently joined the live Internet. If you want more information on Bing check out this article from the Wall Street Journal, OR simply go to Bing itself and see what you can find. 

Happy searching and answer finding, and happy Monday everyone!

Until next time, 

Sloane and Chelsea