Friday, April 24, 2009

Fixing Economic Crisis: Check!

I think everyone is familiar with the word 'Recession'. And 'Economic Crisis'. And 'Downturn'. Not to mention 'layoffs', 'salary freeze', and 'cutbacks'. Not one of those words makes me feel warm and happy inside...instead a scary cold and panicked feeling settles in. 

But I'm not here to deliver depressing news on top of the already gloomy circumstances. I'm here to get you revved up! Motivated! And energetic about your business! In other words, never fear, Blueprint is here! 

While reading the always trustworthy Wall Street Journal online, I came across an article titled "New and Improved". In a nutshell, it features 5 companies who were suffering from the current, situation-who-shall-not-be-named-but-it-rhymes-with-brisis, and each being a small business without an abundance of upper management, they were able to turn their marketing strategies around and find their footing again. 

It's that simple. If what you have isn't working it's time to find something that does. Maybe go back to, say, the 'blueprint' of your company...Or, better yet, call Blueprint to help you examine your strategies and come up with fresh, new, innovative ideas of how to better market your business, product, or brand. 

Let Blueprint help you with your blueprint. 

Now that we've conquered the economic crisis, moving on to world peace! 

Until next time,

Sloane and Chelsea

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