Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twittering, tweeting, tweet, twurped.

Yesterday someone must have Tweeted "Social media skeptic alert: PR Pros believe in social media choosing, not full on delusion. Attack!" Everywhere I turned there was an article, reference, or conversation about social media use. 

While I by no means think social media is overrated (hello...this IS a blog I'm writing on, not a typewriter) I stick by my original thought that it can be taken to a level deemed, let's say, Not Necessarily Necessary. 

Before you start waving numbers and success rates in my face, remember that I am indeed a Public Relations professional, and in this industry you HAVE to acknowledge the trends that help clients take on a new aspect of meeting their consumer and marketing needs. 

I also acknowledge when it gets carried away. I mean, do we really need to know that Ashton Kutcher is angry at his next-door neighbor's early morning construction? Maybe some of you do. But no matter your take on the subject I'm sure you'll find this take on the hype amusing.

Blog comments, tweets, and texts can wear out their welcome sometimes, wouldn't you agree? 

Now that you've had your laugh for the day, make sure to check back to our website to see how we might carefully choose the best social media aspect for you. Because if you haven't noticed, we're well in tune with the subject. 

Not had enough of social media? Check out this Wall Street Journal Article about Twitter's founders. 

Now, enough with social media for a while!

Until next time, 

Sloane and Chelsea

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