Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Whopper of an Ad

All bloggers most likely know about famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. After all, he's the one that helped start the blogging phenomenon with his blunt comments, unsubtle remarks, and off the wall sayings (his latest favorite is "amazeballs"). He's one of a kind. So, being a blogger, we check his site every minute of every day--er, I mean every now and then.

Today we found his comments about this ad. Looks like the advertising and marketing team over at Burger King have taken the crown for the loud, sexual, over the top ad of the month. And hey, loud, sexual, and over the top works. Why is it fast food that always takes it up to the sexual notch? Fast food is definitely not sexy. Tasty, yes. Sexy, no.

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Sloane and Chelsea

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