Friday, August 14, 2009

Obama School Cont...

I've gotten some feedback since posting this morning about the possible renaming of the Billy Earl Dade Learning Center in South Dallas to the Barack Obama Middle School:

One person tweeted about being OK with the name change if the school shares the same vision as the President Obama.

One person exclaimed, "It's way too soon! What if he turns out to be like Hitler??! Then what would the school do??"

Both responses have completely different views.

Person #1 is thinking about vision and meaning, what Obama stands for. If those align with what the school is striving for, then what's to lose?

Person #2 is thinking about branding. The school could gain a negative image and representation should Obama slip during the remainder of his term.

Interestingly enough, DISD isn't thinking about branding. They're more in Person #1's mind frame. They state that this particular school shouldn't be a tribute to Obama since it's already a tribute to Dade, make another school the tribute to Obama. Others agree, but say to wait a while since Obama has only been in office 6 1/2 months.

I'm leaning on Person #2's viewpoint. Let's think long term here, people. 20 years down the road are we going to be happy to have a school named after Obama? We don't know. And that's why it shouldn't be done.

**We love getting responses and feedback on our posts so thanks to those who let us know their thoughts! Keep em' comin!

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