Friday, August 14, 2009

School renamed as Barack Obama Middle School--good idea or bad?

I ran across an article this morning that reeked of BAD IDEA so much that I could not believe it was actually a real issue. Let's discuss it, shall we?

What: DISD school board trustee, Ron Price, wants to rename a school in Dallas "Barack Obama Middle School".

Why: "Overwhelmingly, the parents and the kids said we want Barack Obama and when you see those kids eyes, their eyes just started glowing, and even the parent's eyes were glowing just for the fact that their kid would one day go to the Barack Obama school," Price said.

When: Currently being debated now.

Response (PUT YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS ASIDE): I say absolutely not, stick to original name. For now.

"But why?" you ask, "Why not name it after our current president that has achieved so much for our country? Who has preached about hope and change, making a real difference, and changing the way things are done in DC?"

I'll tell you why. Because he's still preaching those things. Why is he still preaching those things? Because it's not even been a year since he was sworn in. Meaning? We barely know what he's done because he's barely had enough time to do anything! He's got more than 3 years left! Sure, he could follow through and become the amazing president that everyone has hoped for. He could also dig himself a hole deeper and deeper until he's barely able to breathe by the end of his term. Who's to say what will happen--which is the exact reason a school, much less anything, should be named after such a famous, public, figure.

Not convinced? Here are a few names of people that started off being known as positive, awesome people. We'll pretend schools decided to rename their schools after these people.

Michael Vick High School

Tonya Harding Elementary

O.J. Simpson Preparatory School

Hitler Academy (a little extreme, yes, but hey, people liked him for a while over there in the beginning!) I'll spare you the picture of this mustached madman.

You get the idea. Obama will probably be an amazing president. But just in case he's not, hold off on changing the identity of anything until you're positive it will be a positive change for long after. You want as much positive association with your brand as possible and should stay away from anything that has the teeniest, tiniest bit of chance to label it as something negative.

Bottom line: When it comes to naming something after famous people--wait several, even decades in some cases, years before renaming.

Until next time,

Sloane and Chelsea

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