Monday, August 24, 2009

Get your tweet on!

Blueprint has recently signed on to be a part of an awesome event here in Dallas called the Dallas Twestival.

Don't worry, we hadn't heard of a Twestival either until a few weeks ago. So here's a quick definition to fill you in.

Twestival is a combination of the two words "Twitter" and "Festival". It's also a combination of what the words "Twitter" and "Festival" mean...a social media/networking party.

Basically, you tweet, meet, and give back to the community. We're already on our Twitter accounts enough as it is, why not throw in some local support at the same time, right? Right. So I'm urging everyone to get in touch with your tweetness and check out the website to see what it's all about.

What is Blueprint doing with the Twestival? So glad you asked. Since we are public relations and social media pros, we'll be taking care of the PR, Marketing, and Communication Chair position for the event. So, if you hear anything about the Twestival around Dallas, chances are we're behind the buzz!

As with any charity event, the more the merrier--and we'd love to have help spreading the word and getting involved! Here's what you need to know and do:

-Put down September 12th, 2009 as busy in your calender since you'll be at the Twestival!

-Buy your tickets for the Dallas Twestival here

-Check out the Twestival website and blog

-The local charity for this year's Twestival is The Women's Musuem

-Follow the Twestival on Twitter

-Add a twestival twibbon to your Twitter profile picture to support the Twestival

-Message the Twestival organizers from their Twitter page if you want to get involved or help out, or I can pass the message along too!

We'll be keeping you updated with what's going on with the event so stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks!

Until next time,

Sloane and Chelsea


  1. Thanks Guys for promoting the Twestival!

    Mike D. Merrill
    Sr. Account Exec, New Media Gateway
    Chief Bacon Maker, Bacon Marketing

  2. No problem! We're so excited about being a part of it!